Delivery time

Please note that we calculate our delivery dates on the basis of the materials currently available on the procurement market. If there are any changes, we will of course keep you informed.


Delivery time in working days
Produkt Currently
e-fixnew system for self-mounting95
e-motionnew system for self-mounting55
erivonew system10
scalamobilnew system for self-mounting3
scalacombinew system for self-mounting3
twionnew system for self-mounting3
viamobilnew system for self-mounting45
viamobil econew system for self-mounting3
e-pilotnew system for self-mounting70
SMOOV onenew system for self-mounting5
alle Gerätemounting at albersee order confirmation
repairs/re-use 15
exchange pool components 3
spare parts 5
valid from: 01.02.2023
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